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Intelligent digital booster options: Automate your marketing and sales processes with a standard tool and create a new customer experience and customer loyalty by digitizing communication channels and offer elements step-by-step!

Marketing Automation

Whereas marketing used to be about attracting attention and just hoping to not frequently fall through the hoops, today it is about being found at the right time (Buyers Journey), at the right place (Customer Touchpoint) with the right message (relevant content) and on the right topic (Service Design).

The fact that communication takes place via different channels and that each person behaves differently and has different information needs, makes the whole process highly complex. But we have "Good News": That's exactly what marketing automation does for you. Cost-efficient, intelligent and individual, thanks to the world's best SME platform HubSpot. Everything else makes no sense at all.

And to be frank: Your customers expect this customized, agile and a 24/7 service from you today.

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Marketing has become easily Measurable and Controllable through Automation


The shark tank is getting bigger and the differentiation amongst competitors has become more and more challenging. Unfortunately, an aggressive pricing strategy only makes sense in the rarest cases. The answer: agile, clever, astounding and individual digital solutions.

The design and digitalization of services (customer experience) and customer communication processes can quickly become an indispensable competitive advantage, both in customer acquisition and, above all, in customer loyalty.

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