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Competence, creativity, diversity, strength of character and the values of our business4you Family define who we are. The enthusiasm of our employees is just as important to us as the enthusiasm of our customers, because they make it possible to offer our customers tailor-made solutions.

Our core competencies

The strength of business4you lies in the breadth and depth of its marketing expertise. This can be seen (and measured).

Our core competencies are logically coordinated and do not have any interfaces. Integral and networked solutions from A to Z across all channels are the result.

The best thing about it: Our marketing preneure is always used in addition to your own resources, knowledge and expertise.

Our core competencies

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Our Values

Customer Wellness
Team Spirit


The way we accomplish this means that the same specialist always works for our customers, that we constantly train ourselves and work out the best solution for our customers, rather than the most obvious or most common one. Within the framework of the projects entrusted to us, we proceed systematically and in a structured manner. In such a way that our customers can rely on the fact that we have quality as well as deadlines and costs under control. Ultimately: The success of our customers is our utmost goal.


Customer Well-being is the vein that throbs for business4you, where other agencies stop, we go one step further. Because our goal is not only to satisfy our customers - we want to inspire them by exceeding their expectations. The famous we go the extra mile is not an empty promise for us, but a commitment. We want to be a partner for our customers who understands them and who is authentic, credible and tangible. Identification with the companies and the people we work for motivates us to get the best out of even the smallest projects. The statement "1+1=3" means nothing other than that working with us should create clear added value for our customers.


Commitment is our maxim and means that we keep our promises and make every effort to meet deadlines - even when external partners are involved. This is the reason why we work out a schedule at the beginning of every project. All deadlines are set right from the start and are known to all parties involved.


Team spirit is the foundation of our values.  We are a team of rule breakers, lateral thinkers, creatives, challengers, clock setters and passionate marketing preneurs! Our motivation is to inspire our customers. With heart and soul, together we are the business4you family. We deal respectfully, fairly and appreciatively with one another. We are ambitious, super team players and know that together we can outdo ourselves! Employee enthusiasm is a constant process to which we have committed ourselves.     


Through the quality of our work, we want to clearly differentiate ourselves and get the best out of our work for our customers. Of course, life demands compromises on a daily basis. But when it comes to quality, we make no compromises.

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We advise, accompany, guide and inspire SMEs with measurably successful marketing based on the best strategies and tools - because a sustainable partnership with our customers is a matter of the heart for us

It is a gift to be allowed to develop an agency since 2003 with such fascinating customers and up-to-date trendsetters: our 48 employees. Today, we have exactly the competencies that an agency must have in the age of digitalization. We combine this competence with our promise to dedicate ourselves to our clients with passion and heart. Our motto has always been: We not only want to satisfy our customers, we want to inspire them!

Our history is shaped by important people in the company and in our environment - without them there would be no story to tell. My greatest motivation is our sensational team!

We have compiled a few milestones from recent years for you - enjoy browsing through them.

Andrea B. Roch

We advise, accompany, guide and inspire with "success-driven marketing” in mind


Create the basis for successful marketing - with the right tools and messages at the right time.

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Ensure that each of your marketing activities is effective, sustainable and measurable. Our Philosophy: Plan, Act, Measure, Learn & Adapt.

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Rely on the expert knowledge and the heart and soul of our marketing preneure, no matter which marketing task you are faced with

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Honestly, we can hardly wait and look forward to meeting and getting to know you, our future partners.

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